Our Service

Finding and then securing that elusive perfect home can be a challenging, frustrating and time consuming process.

The Right House undertakes the legwork of house-hunting.  We carry out the search, negotiate the best terms and manage the whole transaction process.

Our knowledge of the property market, specialist experience and professional contacts ensures our clients get a head start on prime properties, including those not on the open market.

Our experienced team will work directly with you to define your requirements and identify real possibilities for you in terms of properties and areas.

All properties are rigorously evaluated and previewed by our team in order to ensure that the properties shortlisted for our clients to view, achieve a high correlation with their requirements.

Our service doesn’t finish once we have found the right property. We apply our knowledge of the market and buying skills to negotiate the most favourable terms for our clients.

We work with your lawyers and financiers to ensure a smooth, fast and stress free negotiation and transaction to ensure you are in your new home as quickly as possible.